Monday, March 13, 2006

Six month anniversary.

"I just know some old guy is going to snatch her up and we're never going to see her again," is what my dad told my mom when I left NY back in August.

I had no idea that less than a month after I left, I would meet Kevin. On Sept. 12 I went over to his place in S.F. for dinner and a massage, and I didn't leave for 4 weeks. And now I'm living in the Bay Area, and yesterday we celebrated our six month anniversary.

We decided on that day, because we didn't go on our first "real date" until almost a month after we met, and I was living with him, so the date of me first coming over seemed more appropriate.

I'm so happy. I can't believe it. Sometimes we just hold eachother in a tight hug, and celebrate how lucky we are that we found eachother. It only took me packing my life into a van, driving 3,000 miles, and having a body full of muscle knots that Kevin was a pro at getting rid of.

I feel all mushy and gushy, but I won't make you get a toothache with all my sweet thoughts.

Like all relationships, there's balances to find and adjustments to make, and we evolve and grow and work together to strengthen what we have. And it's all new to me, and sometimes it's hard and scarey, but it's also so wonderful and exciting, and completely worth my time and energy and emotions.

So, that's where my heart is right now. And everything else is great. I feel like I've never looked better - California agrees with me physically. My friends are all interesting and funny and supportive and I love them. My family is doing well and my mom and sister will be here in a month (YAAAAAAAY - I miss them sooooo much!). Work seems happy with my performance, and it brings home the bacon (and sometimes free prosciutto.)

And tonight I am starting yoga. A little anxious about that, but if I can't move Kevin will rub my muscles until I can again. Oh, and he is teaching me how to massage as well. It's amazing how many people line up to me massage dummies. :-)


At March 14, 2006 2:15 PM, Anonymous Jen said...

Hey Elliotte! I'm glad that things are going so well for you and your job is good. You go girl! :)


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